Thursday, September 18, 2008


Written 5/4/07

I am choosing to be a survivor

An example of rebirth and regeneration

To show the sheltered, closed-minded ones

That we, the unseen people

Are as human as they

We feel emotion,

Though we know not how to express it

We are in need of love

Though we hide from it

I shall lead the way through mazes of explanation

To help them understand

Maybe then they might see

Through our eyes

Look into out world

Of subjects all too taboo to speak of

And I shall tell my people

About the strength hidden deep within ourselves

Just yearning to be discovered


Can be refused or accepted

Either way, it is there



Through anger strife

Or seemingly unrelenting anguish

There is hope


For everyone


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a_fragile_soul said...

Line 14. Typo?

It's cute.