Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Today was...well...I hate my shrink!!

Today I went and I saw my skrink. It sucked. I was done 10 minutes into session. She kept asking the same questions over and over again like a friggin broken record!!!!! I hate it when people do that!! I drew a pretty looking hand though. It's pretty kewl. I'm exhausted now. I, instead of the overwhelming desire to cut, I have the overwhelming desire to paint. I have an art site, for any who care...not that there's anybody following me...except my bff, but still it's

Well, that was my day. Later daze!!

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a_fragile_soul said...

I love you Hillary. Please don't ever forget that. And that's what scares me so much, because I always lose the ones I love and as fragile a state as my mind is in, I wouldn't be able to handle another death.

So please, just keep on painting. Don't hurt yourself. I need you far too much.